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Welcome to Deepink

the personal website where I post all sort of random content about work, life, and play. Deepink actually started back in 2004 as a basic blog at WordPress.com.  I got some space and migrated it to a web-host so I could tinker a bit more around 2006.  The word Deepink came to me while thinking of calligraphy. Dipping a feather or an old styled pen in a bottle of ink  to write was what I was going for.

  • GIS 90%
  • Web Design 70%
  • Fun 99%

Live, Work, Play

When I’m not at the office, I enjoy good food, good music, good books, good company, and abundant life. I also love taking long walks with camera in hand searching for the perfect yellow leaf in the Fall or the oddest ice formation on a cold day in winter. I write poetry when as inspired and have been known to burst into song on the way down the hill in the mornings. If you see some lady driving around singing and dancing in the car on the way down Eliis Hollow  Rd that’s probably me.


I started in GIS over 15 years ago by developing a geographic network for a local Water and Sewer Department. When I started there after my Masters in Planning at Cornell University, they had cabinets and large drawers full of archival paper maps and index cards. All of this was my responsibility to migrate and with the help of two other full-timers and a few interns eight years later the water system was completed and the GIS based sewer and septic systems were underway We used AutoCAD to do the editing and I single-handedly converted those AutoCAD drawings first to ArcView 3 with extensions and finally to ArcGIS Desktop 8 with attributes. The editing tools back then were not what they are today. After all of that work, I was a bit burned out on pipes and valves so I jumped ship and went to work for the County where I’ve been caught up in various projects since 2004.

My first County project was to manage and maintain the tax mapping operations from revisions to end-of-year publication. The taxmaps were in ArcInfo Workstation since the mode 90s. After a couple of other major upgrades and migrations we turned the Tax mapping operations over to the Assessment Dept and moved to support mode. Today, my main focus is supporting our online GIS and public safety  applications.

 Its been interesting for me to see the shift from desktop to online to cloud GIS in our organization as we’re using a mixture of those technologies. I’m really excited to see GIS being utilized more on the public safety, public and environmental health, and emergency response side. I hope to see it used to the max for the saving of lives and resources in our community.

Web Design- Playtime Special

I started playing around with web design back when Dreamweaver was still owned by Macromedia and migrated my first blog to WordPress back in 2004. My latest Web based interest is in Ghost the blogging platform for people who love to write and publish. I’m basically self taught and like to tinker. I get bored quite easily and have been known to dismantle my site on purpose and start over with a different look and feel or platform just for the fun of it. Below are some of the web platforms/ languages I use regularly:

  • Ghost
  • Drupal
  • Dreamweaver
  • HTML 5
  • Markdown
  • CSS
  • Xml
  • Javascript

Latest Journal Entries

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